March 22, 2014


Broken angel on a german graveyard. (Credit)

This would be the perfect cover for book 2! Alas

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February 17, 2014

a series of thoughts on book 2, inspiration and lack thereof.

  • writing book 1 was easier because I used writing as a means of procrastination during college.
  • I think I also realized that writing on paper is way easier / more intuitive than writing on my computer if I’m in a place like this (that is, uninspired or having a hard time). 
  • I thought that listening to very modern music would be the best inspiration since book 2 is set in the future in our world, but one day I put on a 90’s alternative rock station for nostalgia’s sake and it has ended up being the best inspiration. this genre deals with so much intensely dark personal and political stuff in such a bare way.
  • what’s worse than coping with your own personal demons? attempting to cope with them while the world is falling apart around you and so are your friends and all the support systems that used to be in place for spirituality or mental health or addiction or disease are gone and you have nobody to help you but you.
  • if you don’t like dark, gritty stuff, you’re gonna hate book 2.
  • if you like that stuff, you’re gonna love book 2.

July 11, 2013



when you have a really clear, utterly beautiful image of a location in your story but when you go to describe it you just



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January 01, 2013

going to work on Some Inferior Angel!

it’s been way too long, I miss my book.

September 17, 2012

I accidentally wrote the intro to book 9…

September 10, 2012

Book plates: an update!

I just wanted to let the folks in exotic locales (read: not Arizona) know that if they (you! I mean you, reading this!) buy a paperback copy of The Seat of Desolation, I will happily mail you a bookplate signed however you like in lieu of signing your actual book. I have bookplates available in adhesive-back and non-adhesive depending upon your bookplate attachment preferences. These beauties just arrived in the mail today:

(These are the adhesive-backed ones in case you were wondering.) If you are interested, message me with your mailing information and I’ll have one on its way to you post-haste!

September 09, 2012

Off to Tempe today to see the Dead End Kings themselves!

Their music has been such an inspiration in working on Some Inferior Angel. If you aren’t familiar with Katatonia, get familiar!

September 07, 2012

September 06, 2012

the new Katatonia album is a great help in the inspiration department!

the philosophy essay and the presentation on Heart of Darkness due this week? not so much…

September 04, 2012


Katatonia - Ambitions

Major inspiration for Books 2/3.

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